Writing Guidelines


  • The article that has been sent should be in accordance with the scope of Bahasa Rupa Journal, the article which is not in accordance with the scope will be directly rejected. Scope can be seen in here.
  • The article has not been sent and published to other journal in any media (printed or electronic). If there is any duplication of publishing, the article will be rejected or withdrawn. More information about the policy of article rejection and withdrawal can be seen here.
  • The result of plagiarism check use ithenticate with maximum result of 15%, if more than 15% then the article will be returned to the writer to be revised.
  • References used is minimum 10 with primary references sources about 80% and 20% secondary references sources with IEEE style. The references writing must use reference manager software, one of them is MENDELEY. Article which makes manual references will be returned to the writer to be revised.
  • Article is sent in word format with the total page between 6-14 pages, the excess page will be charged Rp. 50.000,- per page.
  • Article is made in accordance with Bahasa Rupa Journal template, the template can be seen and downloaded here.
  • Submission guidelines can be seen here.
  • The writer upholds the copyright, privacy, and ethics of scientific publications of Bahasa Rupa Journal
  • First author does not allowed to do publication in two consecutive publishing
  • Start from 21st of April 2021, IF THE ARTICLE IS ACCEPTED TO BE PUBLISHED, THEN THE WRITER IS CHARGED PUBLICATION FEE ABOUT RP. 500.000,- More information about Author Fees can be seen here.